Saturday, February 27, 2010

Those with nothing still able to give

The Beatrice clinic site above Petite Goave. This is the tent that we performed the clinic in while I was there. We started in another tent across the road but then transitioned to this tent. We had many tents around us that people where living in. They where cooking on charcoal fires and washing their children in plastic tubs.

We saw almost one hundred patients a day at this site. It rested on top of a mountain and had pigs and scurvy looking dogs milling around. Ayman, one of our International Medical Corps docs from Columbia, is the man in the foreground. We had finished for the day and where heading back to Port-au-Prince for the night.

While providing care here I was told by a local interpreter that the child I was seeing was an orphan and the neighbors of this family, which had all died in the quake, where caring for him. He was about 5 months old and had chicken pox. The people caring for him had one tent and one pot to cook wash and clean with, yet they still took in this infant boy.

Gregory Hynes, Emergency Medicine Nurse

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