Friday, February 26, 2010

They are my Heroes

"In a questionably condemned building in the hospital, there is an operating theater that remains relatively cool with its walls covered in egg shell-colored ceramic tiles. It was used to give doctors and nurses a break from the heat; though they never go when you first ask them, and when they do they still give an exhausted kick and scream before going in. They drive themselves to severe dehydration, heat exhaustion, and mental fragility. I have found their blood on my hands after placing intravenous lines for rapid rehydration or doing blood to test for some third-world ailment. There have been sleepless nights changing IV drip bags, encouraging oral rehydration, or calming the mind of a spent relief worker. Many have a twinge of shame on their face – which is completely absurd. They are my heroes. They inspire me."

Dr. Soloman Kuah

Photo by Heather Tilson, Volunteer Nurse

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