Friday, February 26, 2010

Little boy from Gressier

This small boy was a resident with his mother in Gressier. He presented to our mobile clinic there with a half missing dressing. His dressing was covering a very severe head laceration which needed to remain covered and clean so it could heal and remain uninfected. He had the dressing placed on his wound the day after the earthquake and We saw him either 6-7 days after the quake. I had a report from one of the Haitian nurses that had begun working the clinic in our place that he was doing well and the wound was almost healed by the time I left Haiti. Amazing how fast children heal.

In the background the Haitian nurses are cleaning wounds with our supplies and providing vaccinations (tetanus). They eventually assumed the clinic with fewer and fewer ex-pat staff. It was great to see the transition!

Greg Hynes, Emergency Medicine Nurse

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